GARRON. Professional Work.

Garron Model

Lara bendoris garron

Concept art and final model.

Lara bendoris finaltexture02

Face detail.

Lara bendoris finaltexture01
Lara bendoris garron face diffuse highres

Face texture.

Lara bendoris garron body diffuse highres

Body texture.

Lara bendoris garronposed
GARRON. Professional Work.

GARRON. Professional Work.

This was a character I made for a prototype mobile game at Tag Games, Dundee.

The brief was to model a low poly character from the concept provided and create a texture in a hand painted style. The character was modelled using 3DS MAX and rigged with the CAT rig system. A set of morphs were created for dialogue scene renders. Diffuse texture was hand painted using 3D Coat. I then created a series of simple animations required for a turn based battle mechanic.
Concept by Paul Simms

More artwork
Lara bendoris thumnailsLara bendoris thumnails