Ballarina. Character Models.

'Tiny Zebra' Model

Lara bendoris zebra 01

'Tiny Zebra' Main Character

Lara bendoris zebra 02

Main Character

Lara bendoris zebra 03

Main Character

Lara bendoris zebralowpoly

Main Character Low Poly

Lara bendoris zebralowwire

Main Character Low Poly Wireframe

Lara bendoris track object ratsmoothed

Obstacle. Jail house hairless rat.

Lara bendoris track objects inflatablewavingarmman

Obstacle. Inflatable waving arm man.

Lara bendoris trackobjects weinerdog

Obstacle. Jet pack sausage dog.

Lara bendoris trackobjects weinerdog2

Obstacle. Jet pack sausage dog.

Lara bendoris ballerina01

Obstacle. Alien ballarina.

Lara bendoris aliens3

Obstacles. Alien ballarina variations.

Lara bendoris opponent whiterobot

Opponent. Sci-fi horse.

Lara bendoris opponent purplerobot

Opponent. Robo horse.

Lara bendoris opponent lava

Opponent. Lava horse.

Lara bendoris opponent browndragon

Opponent. Monster horse.

Lara bendoris opponent cowboy

Opponent. Western horse.

Lara bendoris opponent greendragon

Opponent. Dragon horse.

Lara bendoris customskin icehorse

Purchasable Character Skin. Ice.

Lara bendoris customskin frankenhorse

Purchasable Character Skin. Frankensteins monster.

Lara bendoris customskin pinata

Purchasable Character Skin. Pinata.

Lara bendoris wearables afro

Purchasable Character Wearable. Rainbow wig.

Lara bendoris wearables collar

Purchasable Character Wearable. Punk collar.

Lara bendoris wearables chain

Purchasable Character Wearable. Gold chains.

Lara bendoris wearables lincolnhat

Purchasable Character Wearable. Lincoln's hat.

Lara bendoris wearables crown

Purchasable Character Wearable. Crown.

Lara bendoris wearables ears

Purchasable Character Wearable. Comedy ears.

Lara bendoris wearables santahat

Purchasable Character Wearable. Santa hat.

Lara bendoris wearables lights2

Purchasable Character Wearable. Festive lights.

Lara bendoris wearables baubles

Purchasable Character Wearable and Skin. Deer antlers with baubles.

Lara bendoris customskin deerhorse

Purchasable Character Wearable and Skin. Deer antlers.

Ballarina. Character Models.

Various Character assets created for 'Ballarina'.

Ballarina is a free to play mobile game produced at Tag Games for Nickelodeon to promote their tv show 'Gameshakers'.

As lead artist, I was responsible for concepting, creating character models and animations, wearable props, alternative character skins along with overseeing the art style of the game, managing a creative team, liaising with clients and helping to plan and organise to ensure art was delivered on schedule.

Assets were built and animated in 3DS Max and textured in 3D Coat.

More artwork
Lara bendoris thumbballarinascreens